Episode 21: 2 Dope Docs


For our Season 1 finale, Shannon and Leena interview each other! 

Don’t worry, though! We’ll be back soon with new episodes, and we’ll be sharing some of our favorites from Season 1 in the meantime.

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Episode 20: Come Sail Away

Daniel McGehee

Today on the show we interview Dr. Daniel McGehee who was Shannon’s PhD advisor. Dan got his undergraduate degree in Biology at Guilford College and his PhD in Physiology at UNC Chapel Hill. After receiving his PhD he did his postdoc at Columbia University and is now a full professor at the University of Chicago where he runs a lab studying nicotine addiction. We talked about his old life as a sailboat captain in the Caribbean (yes, really), why he left paradise to pursue science, and how science has changed over the years. We hope you like it!





Lab website:  http://mcgeheelab.uchicago.edu/ 


Episode 17: The Plastic Brain

Anthony Holtmaat

Today on the show we interview Professor Anthony Holtmaat who is currently Leena’s Principal Investigator or her supervisor. Anthony received his Masters in Science in Medical Biology and his PhD in Molecular Neuroscience from Utrecht University in the Netherlands. He is currently a full professor and has his own laboratory at the University of Geneva in Switzerland. We talked about everything from growing up in the Netherlands to using a process known as synaptic plasticity to reorganize working brain circuits, to compensate for damaged brain circuits. This type of work could for example improve recovery after a stroke.






Episode 15: Both Kinds of Doctor


On this episode, Dr. Iboro Umana, a neuroscientist and Medical Student and a good friend of Shannon joins us from Chi town. Iboro got his B.A. in Philosophy, Neuroscience and Psychology from Washington University in Saint Louis. He got his PhD in Neurobiology from the University of Chicago and is now in his final year of medical school. During his PhD Iboro was studying novel pathways for controlling pain by targeting the nicotinic receptor, which is the same receptor activated by nicotine. We talked about everything from amazing Nigerian weddings to being Not that Kind of Doctor while being that kind of doctor.

Episode 12: Don't Do Drugs With Friends


Today on the show, we’re joined from Linkoping, Sweden by another grad school roommate of Shannon's, Dr. Leah Mayo. Leah got her undergraduate degree in Neuroscience at the University of Michigan. She got ger Master’s in Molecular Pathogenesis and Molecular Medicine and her doctorate in Neurobiology at the University of Chicago. She is now doing a post-doc in Sweden at Linkoping University. We talked about her Native American roots, drug addiction, and what it’s like to live in Sweden. So, we hope you like it!