Episode 16: Horsin' Around

William Taylor

Today on the show, we are joined from Germany by Dr. William Taylor, a real life archaeologist! William got his undergraduate degree in International Relations from Carleton College. He then got his Master’s and PhD in Anthropology-Archaeology from the University of New Mexico. He is currently a post-doctoral researcher in the Archaeology department at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History. We talked about what it’s like in Mongolia, why we should care about ancient horses, and the damage done to science by Indiana Jones. We hope you like it!




Professional listing: https://www.shh.mpg.de/person/51853/25522

Articles of interest: https://www.mongoliacenter.org/investigating-mongolias-nomadic-origins-through-the-study-of-ancient-horse-remains-william-taylor/


Episode 15: Both Kinds of Doctor


On this episode, Dr. Iboro Umana, a neuroscientist and Medical Student and a good friend of Shannon joins us from Chi town. Iboro got his B.A. in Philosophy, Neuroscience and Psychology from Washington University in Saint Louis. He got his PhD in Neurobiology from the University of Chicago and is now in his final year of medical school. During his PhD Iboro was studying novel pathways for controlling pain by targeting the nicotinic receptor, which is the same receptor activated by nicotine. We talked about everything from amazing Nigerian weddings to being Not that Kind of Doctor while being that kind of doctor.

Episode 14: Intangible Beauty


Today on the show, we are joined in the home studio with Dr. Matthew McCullough. Matthew got his Masters of Physics and his doctorate in Theoretical Particle Physics from the University of Oxford in the UK. He is currently working as a theoretical physicist at the CERN laboratory coming up with cool new theories about Dark Matter and our universe.  As a theorists, not to be confused with previous pod guests that were experimental physicists, his job is to think deeply about the rules that govern the universe and to come up with brand new theories about how it all works. We talked about growing up in Belfast, Ireland; getting kicked out of his band; how we know Dark Matter exists; and ultimately, how math underpins the nature of our universe.









Episode 13: Shark Week


Today on the show, we're joined from Abaco, Bahamas by the future Dr. Enie Hensel! Enie got her undergraduate degree in Zoology / Ecology wildlife and conservation at the University of Florida (where she met her husband and former podcast guest Dr. Marc Hensel). She is currently working on a PhD in Biology with a concentration in Ecology and Evolution in the Department of Applied Ecology at North Carolina State University. She is currently a Global Change Fellow under the Southeast climate Science Center. We talked about restoring coral reefs, using drones for research, and of course, sharks! We hope you like it.






Drone diaries of The Bahamas - https://saveourseas.com/project/drone-diaries-of-the-bahamas/#project_leaders

Abaco Scientist - https://appliedecology.cals.ncsu.edu/absci/